Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Undiscovered Pizza

It's the dream of every foodie to discover a secret unexploited gem. Something that people will be talking about and will push the business to the next level. Of course, that and to be a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. (Is that show even still on the air?)

I want to announce to the world (wide web, that is) that Saluggi's is great pizza and it should be getting more press. You heard it here first, ladies, gentlemen, and Time Out New York subscribers.

Alright, I'll admit that I can't take full credit. First off, I was told about Saluggi's by my friend Sarah and it already has over 30 positive yelp reviews. So really all I did was walk down to Tribeca in the cold and hand over 3 bucks for a taste of their pizza.

But for my troubles, I want a little credit, especially when you go and try it for yourself. I admit, the name leaves something to be desired, especially when said out loud. The ambience is a strange hybrid of casual restaurant and walk-up slice joint. The counter is at the far end of the dining room so it's a little confusing and awkward as to how you should order. But once you've been greeted, the incredibly nice staff makes you feel comfortable.

As I wait for my slice, I notice a sign that reads "Beat the Boss in Shuffleboard, Win Free Pizza". It turns out there is a party area downstairs where shuffleboard tournaments are regular. I felt like I was at a family house party where there's pizza upstairs, board games in the basement, and who knows what goes on in the attic, but I'm sure it's pure and wholesome.

The slice was large and looked beautiful. There was a lack of a true crust - the sauce and cheese go all the way out to the edge. But I'm alright with that since the crust ends are often dried out and don't have as much flavor as the rest of the slice. This crust was soft and tender and then crunchy and crisp as you reached the brink.

The flavor here was really well balanced. The tomato sauce was deliciously tangy and was in nice proportion to the cheese. I learned that they make their own fresh mozzarella in house. How many pizza joints can make that claim? The cheese was incredibly fresh and awesomely stretchy. Each bite almost felt like I was blowing a piece of bubble gum, but in reverse. And cheese flavored bubble gum. Take that Hubba Bubba!

There was also a bit of parmesan that gave the slice a nice bite and balanced the rich sweetness of the cheese and tomato. The fresh basil was well dispersed and was the topper in this great NY slice.

I'm telling you, if you're a fan of NY slices and want a well-made, fresh example, then put your money on Saluggi's. Just don't say the name out loud. And remember, you heard it here first - And I heard it from yelp and my friend Sarah. But that's beside the point.

Is Saluggi's the best pizza in NY? It certainly gives Lombardi's a run for its money and has entered the race with the big boys with a 9 out of 10.

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  1. Stretch, I have to come to NY and spend a couple of days devouring pizza! The Burgh' has some great pizza too, as you know. I'll have to review some local joints and have a pie-off. (that sounds dirty) Fun blog, I'll be back.

    Jim (Jarrod's Bro)